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The company’s turn-key projects are based on a deep understanding of the challenges in each industry and specific customer needs. For each industry We developed a comprehensive solution to meet these challenges: · Defense & HLS: worldwide tracking, mapping, alerting and mobile command & control · Airports: sophisticated and cost effective operations, workforce and fleet management · Trains: on-line condition status, predictive maintenance, Real-Time alerts · Transpiration: route tracking, service management, billing, accident debriefing

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Software engineering 5 years of experience developing C# applications for both client/server side At least 3 years of experience developing high performance, scalable server side applications At least 5 years of experience working in: - .NET environment - multithreaded environment - client-server architecture - OOP -Networking At least 2 years working with SQL Proven experience in designing enterprise solutions 2 years working with WPF, WCF Advantage: Developing GIS applications, VB6, C++
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